Geoff Fernie
Stephen Perry
Chief Executive Officer
Candice Yun
Chief Operating Officer
Bhaskar Chanda
Chief Business Development Officer


Geoff Fernie, PEng, CEng, FCAHS, PhD

Dr. Geoff Fernie is an inventor, innovator and one of the world’s leading scientists in the field of rehabilitation science. He is a mechanical engineer, a professor at the University of Toronto and the Institute Director of the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network. Dr. Fernie and his team of researchers, industrial designers, and medical professionals invent solutions to everyday problems faced by a rapidly aging population. The team’s philosophy is that growing older should be manageable, fun and exciting. Ultimately, medicine should not just be about saving lives – it’s also about making life worth living.

Stephen Perry, PhD
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

As one of the inventors of the BalancePro insole, Dr. Stephen Perry’s research focuses on falls in the elderly, neurophysiology and footwear. Stephen is currently a Professor at the Kinesiology and Physical Education Department of Wilfrid Laurier University and a Scientist at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. Dr. Perry has many years of experience in studying the control of human movements and the role of external sensory information in this process. Dr. Perry holds a Bachelor of Sciences in Human Kinetics and a Master of Sciences in Biomechanics from University of Guelph and a Doctoral Degree in Biomechanics and Neuroscience from University of Toronto.

Candice Yun, BComm
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

With avid interest and knowledge in marketing, business and accounting, Candice is determined to reduce falls among seniors. She has been the Business and Financial Analyst at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network, and was the Director, Marketing at Celestial Vault Media. She graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto.

Bhaskar Chanda, PhD
Chief Business Development Officer

Dr. Chanda is an entrepreneur, critical thinker and fitness enthusiast. He has previously founded a start-up to provide access to hygiene water in third world countries in a convenient and cost-effective manner. His entrepreneurial spirit and his passion to better peoples’ lives led him to join Balance Pro. He has a PhD in Stem cell biology, and has successfully led different cross-functional teams in various business and science projects.